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Much more than Human Resources…



MOHURE believes that an HR Consultant can do so much more than offer a service covering a company’s one-off needs.

We believe in people, we believe they are the main asset of any organisation and the engine of a company’s success, and we believe in communication and transparency.

We aim to offer a top-class, integrated HR service based on our core values: commitment to excellence; passion for our work; and personal and approachable support.

Financial support from IVACE through the PROGRAMA DIGITALIZA-CV


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Those that have placed their trust in MOHURE say...

  • Great human and professional team. Highlight their closeness and commitment. Success guarantee !!

    José Luis Trigueros
    Responsable de Recursos Humanos en IDCQ Hospitales y Sanidad
  • “Our relationship with MOHURE stands out above all for the great treatment of its professionals, and the quality of the personalized training service. For us, the trust they give us is fundamental.”

    Alba Gutiérrez Marco
    Dpto. RRHH en Giménez Ganga
  • “With MOHURE everything is easy, they know how to perfectly understand our needs and how to provide a rapid and accurate response. And furthermore, they also do so with a professional and caring attitude”.

    Sara Salvador
    Directora en Amado Salvador
  • “I have been leading training and certain recruitment matters for MOHURE, and I think it’s important to highlight both the efficiency and professional nature with which their team work. In relation to MOHURE I should highlight their ability to resolve any issue and the comprehensive management of their clients, who are made to feel like they are being well looked after”.

    Estrella Méndez
    Directora Jurídica y de RRHH de Gaviota Simbac
  • “Being aware of the differentiating role that people play in organisations, externalising their search isn’t an easy decision. The values, objectives, needs and concerns of the chosen candidate should be aligned with the organisation’s culture. At MOHURE, they are experts in achieving this”.

    Alejandro Torá
  • “Our relationship with MOHURE began some years ago as a provider of training services. What began as a response to a specific need that we had, become a relationship in which MOHURE has become one of our go to suppliers, thanks to them anticipating our needs, of their support with our training plans, which we have designed internally and above all, in something that we place great value on, their rapid response and enormous capacity to adapt to such a changing environment in which our company moves. MOHURE has become, without doubt a key player”.

    Francisco Selva
    Director de RRHH
  • “MOHURE was one of my discoveries in 2019. For me, they have become our ally for the almost impossible, you let them know what you need and their team of staff work together to find the best solution. They are always there when you need them, with the best attitude, customer service and flexibility”.

    Damián Prieto
    Director de RRHH en Persax Grupo
  • “Really happy with MOHURE, I would highlight their personalised, caring and warm way of treating you.

    Personalised, quality and bespoke training, offering a multitude of alternatives: maximum flexibility in the adaptation of courses, dates, subjects and levels, as well as course management.

    Highly proactive and communicative, always informing you of any improvements or beneficial help for the company”.

    Lola Alcázar
    Human Resources Manager en Garvalin International Shoes